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Online Contact Manager
     Ultimate Online Contact Database

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Requirements:PHP / MySQL
Price:USD 24.95

Hello there, i got now the PHP-Version of the Guestbook. it's great work! THX. Greetings from Sitzerland by Late Night!
Hansjorg Munzinger

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Online Contact Manager (formerly known as EContact PRO) is an ultimate online database system that allows you to store and retrieve contact information anywhere - anytime! You'll also be able to easily send emails to contacts with the built-in email client. Online Contact Manager features Sorting, Mass Emails, Group Support, MS Outlook Synchronization, Birthday Reminder, Data Export (CSV/TAB/HTML), Preference Control, Full Data Manipulation Interfaces, 30+ Customizable Fields and much more. There is also specially designed PDA interface allows you to use Online Contact Manager through your PDA/Cell.

With Online Contact Manager :-
  • Your company can store, share and retrieve all employees info in one centralized database
  • You can retrieve clients information while you are not in office
  • You will remember all your friends' birthday
  • Your organization or community members can retrieve other memebers' information.
  • You can send emails to your friends no matter what computer you are using.
  • You can export data into CSV (for opening with MS Excel), HTML (for publishing as web pages) and TXT (for importing to all kinds of databases) for other applications like Outlook Express, MS Excel and FileMaker etc.
  • You can send emails to All Contacts or to a Particular Group of Contacts with One Mouse Click. (Emails will be sent out separately for each recipient by the system automatically)
Main Features:
  • PDA/Cell Interface
  • 30+ Customizable Fields
  • Build-in Email Client
  • Group Support
  • Birthday Countdown List
  • Full Preference Interface
  • Data Insertion Interface
  • Data Modification Interface
  • Data Removal Interface
  • Show/Hide Data
  • Automatic Group List
  • Group Filter
  • Total Entry Count
  • Data Export (CSV/TAB/HTML)
  • Mass Emails (All contacts / Particular Group)
  • Category Quick List
  • Advanced Sorting
  • HTML Filter
  • Separated Config File
  • Custom Header/Footer
  • Attractive Icons
  • Clean & Clear Layout
  • Very Compact & Efficient
  • Extremely Easy to Setup
  • and much more...

* EContact Pro Sync is required for MS Outlook Synchronization features
Quick Info Any kind of customization and enhancement requests are welcome. Please contact us for quotation or check out our customization portfolio.

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